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The new CC4Teams client is almost here

The new CC4Teams client is almost here

New CC4Teams Omni-Channel client is almost here

Here are just a few reasons why CC4Teams is a game-changer:

Full Omni-Channel experience 

Say hello to seamless communication across all channels! With proprietary channels leading the charge, starting with proprietary voice and email integration, empower your team to engage effortlessly with your customers on their preferred platforms.

Sleek Look and Feel 

The New CC4Team client is almost here!

Experience familiarity with a modern twist! The New CC4Teams client boasts the same elegant interface as Microsoft Teams, ensuring a seamless transition for your team members and enhancing user adoption rates.

 Skilled-base routing upgrade 

But wait, there’s more! We’ve introduced the “Bullseye Routing” feature with our Skilled base routing upgrade.
We’re thrilled to bring you these game-changing enhancements designed to empower you to deliver exceptional customer experiences like never before.

Customer Journey Insights

Simplified Information retrieval

Effortless Navigation: Simplified Information Retrieval with AI Help. Say goodbye to information overload! The new CC4Teams Client offers simplified information retrieval powered by AI assistance, making it easier than ever to find the answers you need.

CC4Teams’ Easy Insights just got even easier! 

In the realm of fast-paced Customer Contact analytics, access to Actionable Insights is paramount. That’s where CC4Teams’ Easy Insights comes in, the cutting-edge chatbot powered by OpenAI, revolutionizing your interaction with CC4Teams Power BI reports.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we count down to the official launch of the New CC4Teams Client! Get ready to transform your customer engagement strategies and unlock a world of possibilities.

Something big is happening

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we start our countdown to the official launch of the New CC4Teams client!