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CC4Teams' Easy Insights just got even easier

CC4Teams’ Easy insights just got easier

CC4Teams’ Easy Insights just got even easier In the fast-paced Customer Contact analytics world, access to Actionable Insights is crucial. That’s where CC4Teams’ Easy Insights comes in – our cutting-edge chatbot powered by OpenAI is revolutionizing the way you interact with your Power BI reports. Here are just a few reasons why CC4Teams Easy Insight is a…
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Enhanched skill-based routing in CC4Teams

Delighting your customers becomes as effortless as a walk in the park

Revolutionize Customer Contact with CC4Teams: seamless integration, enhanced routing, and conversational IVR Introducing the revolutionary enhanced skill-based routing feature in our all-new CC4Teams client, where delighting your customers becomes as effortless as a walk in the park. CC4Teams takes a seamless approach to Customer Contact across our Omni-Channel client. We ensure customers can interact through multiple…
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Webinar on-demand: CC4Teams natively Integrates with Salesforce

CC4Teams natively Integrates with Salesforce

Elevate your Customer Contact Experience: CC4Teams & Salesforce Integration Webinar Are you ready to revolutionize your sales process and elevate Customer Contact to new heights? Watch the webinar on-demand now. Discover the power of combining Customer Contact capabilities via CC4Teams with the CRM functionalities of Salesforce. Our experts from CC4ALL and Mirage, a Unaric Company,…
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New CC4Teams Omni-Channel client is almost here

The new CC4Teams client is almost here

Explore the power of Omni-Channel communication with the New CC4Teams Client. From Email to voice calls, chat to socials and video conferences, picture a customer contact enablement platform that enhances collaboration like never before.Get ready to supercharge your customer engagement strategies with many exciting features and benefits that will take your operations to new heights.…
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CC4Skype integration with PowerBi

Watch the CC4Skype integration with PowerBI webinar on-demand

Watch the Power Bi webinar Looking for a modern data visualization tool? Microsofts PowerBi, which offers real-time Contact Center insights, is now available in CC4Skype.CC4Skype natively offers historical, and real-time reporting capabilities thru its own Web Administration page. It allows you to create, schedule and view historical reports (in Excel and PDF), and automatically send them…
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Web chat and Social Media handling

CC4Skype Contact Centers are now fully equipped to perform web care as well. A full Omni-Channel Solution that actually does what is promised! Social Media allows people all over the world to voice their thought and opinions whenever they want. And Social Media is always present, 24hrs a day, seven days a week. Making it…
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