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Contact Center Reporting

Power BI benefits to Customer Contact Reporting

The insights are endless

Service levels aren’t just a number or a typical business KPI. Achieving great CX will greatly affect how the customer views your brand, increase repeat business, and provide key insights into the customer journey.
CC4Teams prioritizes user satisfaction and seamless interaction through two specific types of reporting – Historical reporting and Real-time insights. This empowers businesses to cultivate lasting customer relationships, drive exceptional CX, and enable customer contact.

CC4Teams Customer Contact Reporting on Microsoft Extended CC4Teams Customer Contact Reporting real-time and historical

Gain Insights from vast amounts of data

Visualized clear and interactively 

Drill down to customer level in a feww clicks

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Driven by data… or driven by insights?

As every company is data-driven these days, you need the power to retrieve and analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, day in, day out. Are you struggling to find the right information amongst the tremendous amounts of data? So you can act accordingly and amaze your customers?
CC4Teams integrates Microsoft Power BI straight into the client, providing you with the data you need when you need it the most, which is usually
– right now! –

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Access to real-time Customer Contact metrics and analytics is crucial for making informed decisions, monitoring performance, and identifying areas for improvement. Companies often struggle with obtaining meaningful insights from their data. With Power BI in CC4Teams, you gain clear insights that can help you take immediate action.
All relevant information such as handled calls, waiting, or abandoned calls in one dashboard.

Power BI dashboards empower everyone
(not just data specialists) with real-time insight
into what is happening
in their contact center.

The CC4Teams Power BI interface can also be used as an additional reporting tool, on top of CC4Teams contact center reporting, which remains available.
CC4Teams has standard Power BI visualization templates available for historical and real-time reporting, which will give you all the insights you’ll need.

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CC4Teams Customer Contact Reporting

Streamline interactions, equip agents with powerful tools and resources, and gain real-time insights to enhance performance and make data-driven decisions. Boost agent confidence, reduce frustration, and easily deliver exceptional customer service.
Improve CX and foster customer loyalty.


Visualizes clear and interactively

Drill down

Drill down to customer level in a few clicks


Gain insights from tremendous amounts of data

with CC4Teams contact center reporting software

Historic contact center reporting

Contact Center reporting

CC4Teams natively offers historical reporting capabilities through its Web Administration page. CC4Teams contact center reporting software allows you to quickly and easily create, schedule, and view historical reports in Excel and automatically send them by email. CC4Teams Contact Center reporting software will enable you to pinpoint to specific changes. Our reporting provides detailed insight into these requirements “demanded” by clients, allowing the company to adjust accordingly to increase customer experience.

CC4TEAMS in Omni-Channel

Call-Email-Chat-Social Media

No matter the channel, CC4Teams, and Microsoft Power BI will provide you with the data you need and the reporting, you need to gain the insights you need.