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Advanced real-time reporting drives new levels of customer contact enablement

Advanced real-time reporting drives new levels of customer contact enablement

Advanced real-time reporting is driving new levels of customer contact enablement

Advanced real-time reporting drives new levels of customer contact enablement

And it’s made possible with new CC4Teams reporting features for all businesses


Great customer experience (CX) is the order of the day for any service business – it now matters more than the product for 88% of consumers and business buyers. But how can contact centers ensure high levels of customer service around the clock while minimizing disruption, and dodging the unknown challenges of today’s marketplace? Advanced real-time reporting drives new levels of customer contact enablement

The solution? Advanced contact center reporting with CC4Teams. It streamlines interactions, equips agents with powerful tools and resources, and gains real-time insights to enhance performance and make data-driven decisions. It’s also about improving both the customer and the employee experience. Boosting agent confidence and reducing frustration improves CX and fosters customer loyalty.

Start from the beginning: Why is achieving customer delight so important?

Service levels aren’t just a number or a typical business KPI. Achieving great CX will greatly affect how the customer views your brand, increase repeat business, and provide key insights into the customer journey. Over nine out of 10 customers claim that receiving good service means they are more likely to make another purchase. The reverse is true – a decrease in quality of experience is likely to have much broader business implications, from lost business to poor brand recognition.

Keep your contact center from letting your CX down! CC4Teams advanced reporting uses customer data and analytics, and is integrated into contact center software to ensure any business with this level of contact center functionality, will achieve great CX every time.

CC4Teams prioritizes user satisfaction and seamless interaction, through two specific types of reporting – Historical reporting and Real-time insights. This empowers businesses to cultivate lasting customer relationships, drive exceptional CX, and enable customer contact.

Real-time vs Historical vs Real-time insights: Establishing the differences, a partnership made in CX

Historical reporting and real-time insights are vital to pinpoint key pain points in the customer journey and address them with precision – this is key to maintaining target service levels and improving CX over time.

Historical reporting collates logs of previous service levels into a single library. This makes historical service data easier to interpret and plot activity patterns for future service management and improvement. But it does much more. Historical reporting establishes the baseline for service demand – this means that unusual activity or upticks in demand can be quickly identified and resolved.

Now, add real-time dashboards on top of historical reporting! Contact center supervisors can see all contact center activity immediately. Supervisors can pull historical reports, view real-time insights, and all service level metrics – average waiting times, number of customers currently in calls, average call durations, and number of agents available – creating a complete bird’s eye view of the customer journey.

So contact center reporting has a much higher purpose than simply cracking the whip for agents – it helps agents respond swiftly and easily to real-time service disruptions, and as a result, improves the customer journey.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Advanced reporting provides granular insights, in real-time

Reporting provides visibility into processes and events that might not be visible on quick inspection – something that is especially important in the virtual contact center where hybrid working is still very much at play. Here, with CC4Teams, viewing vast amounts of data has never been easier – it gives contact centers the power to retrieve and analyze vast amounts of data quickly and accurately, day in, and day out.

CC4Teams ensures that all information gathered can be seen by and is accessible to everyone through the advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities of Power BI. With this level of granularity, supervisors can now take immediate, targeted action to manage caller traffic and maintain service levels. For instance, a recorded message can be added to the caller flow that re-directs callers to a more relevant agent, to a webpage, or to other channels with more information.

  1. Reducing queue lengths, one minute at a time!

There are many factors to measure when assessing contact center CX – but the power of a short queue length is one factor that should never go unnoticed.

Contact centers must track if there are enough agents or channels available, but also need to be able to ensure that conversations between customer and agent are of the right duration and direction. Here’s where CC4Teams’ learning capabilities will be vital for users and agents. It can lead to the automation of repetitive tasks, provide quick access to customer information, minimize response times, increase productivity, and foster personalized engagements. With the addition of heatmaps embedded into CC4Teams, contact centers can monitor call traffic, the busiest or slowest times of the day, and subsequently improve staffing levels where necessary.

  1. Digital dashboards make employee lives easier – CX will follow

Using a digital dashboard, employees now have new levels of insight, right at their fingertips. Supervisors can see all data and exactly what has happened without having to manually investigate by asking people. It contributes to issues being identified easily, and changes made quickly when everyone operates on the same page – enhancing service management agility and minimizing disruption to the customer journey.

A CC4Teams digital contact center platform also provides the foundation to take reporting beyond real-time by using new and emerging contact center technologies such as integrated artificial intelligence (AI). This is perfect for sentiment recognition and transcribing, with more options to take AI to the next level. Moving forward there is the potential to further leverage AI by aggregating and analyzing key contact center data points – then integrating these insights into a real-time dashboard to automatically alert contact center supervisors of any exceptional activity.

Providing a great end-to-end Customer Journey – no matter the industry or market

Contact center reporting is transforming the way agents and businesses look at CX. Not only does it boost agent confidence when it comes to real-time insights and a deep dive into specific analytics, but it also reduces queue lengths and solves critical customer response challenges. It’s all about enabling customer service teams to deliver excellent CX at every point of the customer journey. CC4Teams has been designed to build critical reporting at every step of the contact center journey and is proving itself to be the essential platform for end-to-end contact center CX excellence.