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Log4j2 does not impact CC4ALL software

Log4j2 does not impact CC4ALL software

Log4j2 does not affect CC4ALL software

If you’re not a techie, like me, chances are you hadn’t heard of Log4j2…. until now, that is.

Without being aware of it, it could very well be that you used it for years. So, to simplify it, log4j is a logging library used by programmers and developers, for instance, to take notes about what is going on on their software and servers.

Log4j2 could be used to record when a person logged in, to track to which application they logged in and the password they used. And if that was the correct password or not.

Log4j2 is used by most of the recent Java programs developed for server and client applications. In addition, Java is also one of the top programming languages used by businesses. And precisely this is why it was researched on December 9th and was found a threat.

They discovered that it enables attackers to perform remote code execution, meaning the ability to run code and access all data on the affected machine. 

And if that is not scary enough, it also means attackers have the ability to delete or encrypt files and even hold them for ransom. Now, I am sure this rings a bell; we hear about this in the news all the time.

Log4j2 does not impact CC4ALL software.

Customers have asked us if log4j2 can affect CC4ALL software as well? We can be short about it. It cannot. Log4j2 does not impact CC4ALL software.

CC4ALL does not use any of the involved components, and therefore this is not an issue for CC4Skype, CC4Teams, or CC4Dynamics software. Your Contact Center is safe with CC4ALL. We take security very seriously, and we monitor all news about newly discovered threats and how to go about stopping them. As the world constantly faces new threats, we know we have to stay on top of this.

Read Microsofts statement on log4j2

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