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It’s all about data

It’s all about data

Smart Profile reference story

Smart Profile has a unique proposition with the use of Skype for Business and CC4Skype for its demand generation platform.

Smart Profile connects market intelligence and demand generation to make marketing and sales more effective. The time when inside sales were cold calling with Excel sheets has long gone. Smart Profile collects, enriches, aggregates, and analyzes data which is made available on the Smart Profile platform. The data is ready to be used for email campaigns, event invitations, social selling, telephone sales, and other forms of demand generation.

Why is Smart Profile unique? Clear rules about how relevance can be derived from this vast amount of data, for so many types of activities, is unique in the market.

It allows organizations to approach the right decision-maker at the right time with the right message through the right channel.

“For us, CC4Skype is the glue between Skype for Business and our application layer”.
Timo Hoogendorp, Head of ICT, Smart Profile

Data and contact center functionality all available in one tool
Smart Profile provides the customer with an entire platform, including full CC4Skype contact center functionalities, without having to connect to different systems. Plug and play that makes the Smart Profile service unique.

CLM7, the demand generation platform of Smart Profile is fully integrated with CC4Skype. All data is linked to and available in one environment. Employees start-up in no time, immediately see who is available, and can call directly from the database. Data, such as the leads that came from a specific campaign, the time spent, the best time to contact leads etc is all accessible. This objective and clear overview of everyone’s results helps to generate mutual ideas about to improve even further.

‘Plug and play’ cloud-platform is a strategic choice

The platform uniquely positions Smart Profile in the market.

And even though this may all sound very logical, realizing the built took quite some time. Suppliers, able to support in developing this platform, were few and far apart. CC4Skype’s proven services gave confidence, and so a new chapter began.

Despite data being the keyword at Smart Profile, while using the traditional, on- premise telephony solution, it was not possible to retain any phone data. Response time, for instance, or the number of conducted calls, time talked, or any lead info was kept, let alone linked. That may sound like a funny detail, but obviously, for an innovative company, it is not.

The starting point was clear; the integration must provide a single platform including all available data, which can serve as a Contact Center telephony solution. In addition, it must make employees more mobile and enable data enrichment on the platform.

Employees are made central in the decision making
The selection to choose for CC4Skype was made based on a detailed list of requirements, both technically and people-oriented. The desire to support employees who are bound to their homes, but are willing to work is a good example.

This could be sick or recovering employees or women returning after maternity leave, and that want to be home a little more in the first period.

The border between the offices also had to disappear, just be able to log in, without IT having to create a telephone number or establish a connection, whether you work in Belgium or the Netherlands.

Routing based on profiles, full contact center functionalities, easy management, and linking different systems were, of course, also high on the list.

The implementation of CC4Skype was planned quickly and in stages. Approximately 30% of the organization started using CC4Skype at the start, and weekly around ten followed. Six months after completion Smart Profile “unplugged” the old system as a back-up proved unnecessary.

Major public transport strike on May 28th, 2019, completely paralyzes the Netherlands.
Actually, the opposite was proven. A major public transport strike prevented more than half of the staff from coming to the office.

This would previously cause a huge drama, as it would completely stop operations. This time the staff logs in from home and continues to work without interruptions.

“Our entire organization works together with more efficiently and therefore adopted CC4Skype so quickly, it actually feels like it has always been this way “.
Jurgen Verheijen, Head of Marketing & Communication, Smart Profile, Smart Profile

Smart Profile does not use CC4Skype’s standard reporting. They look for connections in a very own and specific way. For this, they use the integration with Microsoft PowerBI. This helps guides them by providing evaluating information which they need to maintain their leading position in the market.

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